Learn how to hack Telegram in four different ways right here. The guide has provided 4 stepwise tutorials to hack a Telegram account that anyone can implement.

“How to hack a Telegram account? I know my kids are using Telegram to chat with their friends, but I want to make sure that they are in good company by reading their messages.”

Just like this, there are several other queries that we get these days about hacking a Telegram channel or account. Although Telegram is a popular messaging app that is pretty secure, there are some vulnerabilities in it that we can explore. After getting to know about these Telegram hacks, you can keep a track on the messages of your kids, spouse, or anyone else. This will help you read their chats remotely and you can even access their attachments. Read on and get to know how to hack Telegram in 4 different ways.

How To Hack Telegram Admin Group

How to Hack a Telegram Account?

Ideally, there are different Telegram hacks that are available out there. Therefore, before I cover these methods in detail, I want to quickly make you aware of the possible scenarios.

  • You can install a device tracker on someone’s phone that would obtain its vital details in the background, including their Telegram messages and attachments.
  • There are also different kinds of keyloggers that you can install on their device to access their account credentials.
  • Also, if they have synced their Telegram data with iCloud or have taken its backup, then you can access it to read their Telegram messages.
  • There are some Telegram hacks that help us access someone’s account via Telegram desktop web app as well.
  • You can use a dedicated Telegram hack to crack their account details by using a brute force algorithm.
  • If you have access to their linked phone number, then you can reinstall the app on a device and link it to their account.
How to Hack Telegram in Different Ways: The Most Effective Guide
How to Hack Telegram in Different Ways: The Most Effective Guide

How to Hack Someone’s Telegram Account without Them Knowing [easiest and effective ways]

As you can see, there are so many ways to hack a Telegram account. Though, the most reliable Telegram hacks would involve the use of a spying app or a keylogger. I have explored both of these options in detail with their respective guides.

Method 1: How to Hack Telegram Online with SPY24

Another application that you can try is SPY24, which is ideally a complete device tracker. It can help you hack Telegram account on an Android or an iOS device. Though, to install this Telegram hack app, you need to jailbreak the target iPhone first. Once that is done, you can easily install the tool to hack Telegram online and that too without getting noticed.

SPY24 Features

  • You can remotely view all the messages and attachments that are exchanged by them on Telegram.
  • It can also track deleted messages and even the secret Telegram chats as well as group chats.
  • Besides Telegram messages, it will also display details about the timestamp of each message and the contact whom it was shared with.
  • Apart from Telegram, it also has an inbuilt keylogger and can track other popular social apps such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • You can run SPY24 in a stealth mode if you want to so that the targeted user won’t know that they are being tracked.

To learn how to hack Telegram of any user using the reliable SPY24 Telegram hack, the following steps can be taken.

Step 1: Buy your SPY24 subscription

To start with, you can just click below button of SPY24 and create your account. You can get a relevant subscription of SPY24 and select the kind of device you wish to track.

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Step 2(a): To install SPY24 on Android

If the target device is an Android, then you need to access it once and go to its Settings > Security to enable app installation from unknown sources.

After that, you can go to the SPY24 website, download the Telegram hack APK, and tap on it to install it. Once the Telegram hack app is installed, you can launch it and log-in to your SPY24 account. Grant it the needed permission and activate the tracker by entering your unique code.

Step 2(b): To install SPY24 on iPhone

Firstly, you need to jailbreak your iPhone by using any reliable tool or getting in touch with an SPY24 executive. You can use Cydia to download the Telegram hack tool on your device.

Launch Cydia and go to the website of SPY24 to download the app. After that, just install the app and grant it the needed permissions to track your device.

Step 3: Hack Telegram account remotely

After completing the installation, you can remove the SPY24 app icon and let the Telegram hack app run in the background invisibly. You can later go to its Control Panel and visit the Telegram section to view all the exchanged messages on the app.

Furthermore, you can also go to the Keylogger feature to view their deleted texts and account credentials remotely

Method 2: Spyzie Keylogger to Get their Telegram Chats and Password

If you want to try a keylogger, then you can take the assistance of Spyzie. While the device tracker supports iOS and Android phones, the keylogger feature is only available on its Android version now. Once you have installed this Telegram hack tool on the target phone, you can remotely view their account details and exchanged messages.

Spyzie Features

  • It will keep a track of all the messages that are exchanged on Telegram with their timestamps.
  • Even if the user has later deleted their messages, the keylogger would record them to let you access it.
  • You can go to its web-based dashboard on any device to track their Telegram remotely.
  • Since it runs in a stealth mode, the targeted user won’t know that you are spying on their Telegram.
  • Besides that, Spyzie can also track other IM and social apps such as WhatsApp, Kik, Instagram, Messenger, etc.

Using Spyzie to learn how to hack a Telegram channel or account is pretty easy and it does not require root access as well. All you got to do to perform this Telegram hack is follow these steps:

Step 1: Get an active Spyzie account

Firstly, go to the Spyzie website on any device and create your account by entering the right credentials. You would have to enter an active email and buy Spyzie subscription subsequently.

To proceed, you simply need to select Android as the type of device to track and enter details about the device owner.

Step 2: Install Spyzie on their phone

Once that is done, you can access the target Android phone and go to its security settings to enable app installation from unknown sources.

Now, launch any web browser on the phone, go to the official website of Spyzie, and download the APK of its tracker. Grant your browser permission to install Spyzie on your phone and complete its installation.

After when the app is installed, launch it, and log-in to your Spyzie account. You need to grant it all the needed permissions to track the device in the background. Enable the device administrator access on the app and remove its icon so that it would keep running in a stealth mode.

Step 3: Access Telegram details remotely

That’s it! You can now go to your Spyzie dashboard from anywhere you want and access their Telegram messages. From its sidebar, go to the Keylogger feature to view their Telegram chats and account details.

Other Solutions to Hack a Telegram Account

Apart from Spyzie and SPY24, there are some other Telegram hacks that you can also try. While they are not as reliable as the above-listed methods and don’t have a good success rate, they can be implemented for free.

Method 3: How to Hack a Telegram Account for Free using Telegram Web

Just like other popular social apps, Telegram can also be accessed via the web on a system. Therefore, if you have access to their phone, then you can try to perform this Telegram hack. Needless to say, to make it work, you must access their linked device so that you can enter a unique code that would be sent to their phone. Here’s how to hack Telegram via its web feature.

1.Just go to the Telegram web’s app (https://web.telegram.org/) on your system and enter the country as well as the complete phone number of the linked account.

2.After entering these details, confirm your choice, and wait as Telegram would send a unique one-time generated code on their phone.

3.You would have to access this code now and enter on Telegram’s web interface to access their account.

Since the OTP would only be valid for the next 3-5 minutes, you must have their device beforehand. Due to these limitations, the success rate of this Telegram hack is pretty low.

Method 4: How to Hack a Telegram Account on iPhone/iPad using its Backup

If you can access their iOS device or their existing iTunes backup, then you can also try to perform this Telegram hack. In this, we will first take a backup of their device on the system and would later restore the backup on another device. Since the backup will include their Telegram data, it will let you hack their Telegram account. Beforehand, please note that the following prerequisites should be met.

  • You should have access to their iOS device or its stored backup.
  • Both the devices should be running on identical iOS firmware version else the backup won’t be restored.
  • Please note that the existing data on your target phone’s Telegram would be deleted.

After knowing these basic requirements, you can follow these steps to learn how to hack a Telegram account using iTunes backup.

1.Take the source iOS device first and connect it to your system. Launch an updated iTunes version on it and make sure that you trust the computer.

2.Now, select the connected iOS device and visit its Summary from the sidebar. Go to the “Backups” section and choose to take a backup of the device on the connected computer.

3.After successfully taking your iOS device’s backup, disconnect it, and attach the target iPhone to it instead.

4.Again, select the connected iPhone and go to its Summary > Backups section. This time, click on the “Restore Backup” button and select the recent backup to be restored on your device.

If you are lucky, then iTunes will restore the existing backup on the target device. You can reinstall Telegram on your phone and restore its data from the newly transferred backup. Since most of the users encounter compatibility issues with this technique, the success rate of this Telegram hack is also low.

That’s a wrap, everyone! Now when you know four different Telegram hacks, you can easily track someone’s messages without getting detected. As you can see, using a device tracker like SPY24 or Spyzie would be the best bet to hack a Telegram account remotely. Since both these apps run invisibly, the targeted user won’t know that you are tracking them. Go ahead and give these Telegram hacks a try and share this guide with your friends to teach them how to hack a Telegram account as well!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I track someone’s secret Telegram messages?

Yes, if you use the right tools then you can hack someone’s secret chats on Telegram as well. For instance, a device tracker or keylogger can help you do that.

  • How can I hack Telegram messages if they are encrypted?

While Telegram conversations are end-to-end encrypted, there are some Telegram hacks that can let you track their chats (like a keylogger).

  • Will the other user know if I use a device tracker?

Most of the trackers like SPY24 support a stealth mode and would keep running in the background invisibly. That’s why the targeted user won’t know that you are tracking them.

  • Do I need to root or jailbreak my phones to use a tracker?

It would majorly depend on the type of device tracker you are using. Most of the tracking apps will need a jailbreak access on iPhone, but you can use a keylogger on Android without rooting it nevertheless.



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